Why Join Us?

Grow News is Good News

Virtually all member companies gain new sales because of joining. Most members will tell you that the Executives’ Association is more cost-effective than any marketing expense their company makes. In 2008, our members reported total revenue from referrals and savings of $10 million.  And in 2009, in a continued downturned market our members reported total revenue from referrals and savings at $14 million!   We refer to this as R.O.R… or “return on relationships.”

We Meet. We Greet. We Share.

EANYC meets weekly at the Harvard Club for the primary purpose of exchanging leads and sharing other information directly related to generating business for members. Constant attention is focused on keeping meetings worthwhile and productive.

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It's a Smaller World Than You Think

Let’s face it: people do business with those they know and trust – and that starts with members themselves. To foster close relationships within the association, all Exclusive members are required to attend at least 50% of the meetings. Open members are required a minimum of 1 luncheon meeting per quarter. This attendance requirement ensures members grow to know and trust each other on the way to establishing productive business relationships.

It's Lonely at the Top But In a Good Way

EANYC membership classifications are carefully defined and maintained. Every effort is made to provide each business with category exclusivity. Since the Association covers metropolitan New York, this exclusivity provides an important competitive edge in the nation’s largest market. Open Membership allows for the possibility of 2 companies to coexist in a category.