EANYC Testimonials

The EANYC has given me sound business advise from an administrative and accounting level positions, friendships, introduction to new ideas and concepts I would not have known without the membership.

I had two unexpected benefits from joining the EANYC. One, developing "real" friendships and, two, the personal benefit of having so many services available to me, my family and my friends.

EANYC not only has built incredible business relationships, but also personal relationships. I was always told, it was lonely at the top, but with EANYC I am at the top with a group of peers that support one another.

My company feels more robust. We were operating well before but now having a network of some of the best businesses in NYC to reach out to as we come across challenges ads a layer of certainty to things. Also getting to learn from these incredible owners is better than a degreed program of any kind.

Joining EAYNC has impacted my business in several transformative ways. Firstly, the networking opportunities have been invaluable, allowing me to connect with a diverse group of professionals and entrepreneurs. This has not only expanded my business contacts but also led to several fruitful collaborations and partnerships as well as overall sales opportunities!!!

Secondly, the knowledge sharing within EAYNC has significantly enhanced my business acumen. Through various workshops, seminars, and group discussions, I've gained insights into new business strategies and innovative ideas.

Finally, being part of EAYNC has bolstered my business's visibility and reputation. Through the group's events and platforms, I've been able to showcase Champion elevator and our services to a wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness and customer engagement. In summary, EAYNC has been a catalyst for growth, learning, and connectivity, driving tangible improvements in my business's performance and prospects.

Due to the strength of the relationships which many CEO's have in EANYC, they have helped my business land new accounts which otherwise I would have never had.

I can say this - my business has grown and I am a better person being around the group.

EANYC is our most important source of new business and ideas. As a 20 year member I have developed relationships with a variety of business leaders that enhance my role as president of Neuman's.

Members in Execs have consistently gone out of their way to help me grow my business.

To me EANYC represents the gold standard in face-to-face business networking. The relationships I've developed through EA–and the International Executives' Association–are powerful. They broaden my global reach, keep me connected to what's important, and allow me to give back by mentoring and helping others grow their businesses. Beyond these rewards, I've found that membership more than pays for itself in other ways. My involvement makes me a more effective lawyer, leader, and trusted adviser, and consistently enables me to expand what's possible.

Paul Neuman of Neuman's (one of New Yorks premier caterers) referred me to a client who was purchasing a rent stabilized building. After performing due diligence and closing on the purchase, the firm was retained to litigate against several of the tenants. The client then employed Rosenberg & Estis to assist him in the purchase of The Pines, a resort located on Fire Island. This complex and heavily publicized transaction, which also involved the purchase of various business assets, was successfully completed in 2010. The client continues to employ the firm for various real estate matters, demonstrating how for EANYC members, business relationships often lead to other business relationships.

So far I have enjoyed meeting many successful, like-minded professionals that seem to be genuinely interested in helping each other succeed.