EANYC is our most important source of new business and ideas. As a 20 year member I have developed relationships with a variety of business leaders that enhance my role as president of Neuman's.

Members in Execs have consistently gone out of their way to help me grow my business.

To me EANYC represents the gold standard in face-to-face business networking. The relationships I've developed through EA–and the International Executives' Association–are powerful. They broaden my global reach, keep me connected to what's important, and allow me to give back by mentoring and helping others grow their businesses. Beyond these rewards, I've found that membership more than pays for itself in other ways. My involvement makes me a more effective lawyer, leader, and trusted adviser, and consistently enables me to expand what's possible.

I have been a member of EANYC since 2005 and it consistently has been one of my principle sources of referral business. The economics of membership are highly profitable. But the Execs is more than that. It is a peer to peer environment, affording the opportunity to share experiences and gain insights about the challenges of managing a small business that are equally invaluable.

I am very pleased and honored to say that I've been a member for close to eight years. The reason for joining originally was to grow my business and over the years it has resulted in several million dollars of work. My reason for remaining a member has gone beyond just business, as many strong relationships have developed.

Paul Neuman of Neuman's (one of New Yorks premier caterers) referred me to a client who was purchasing a rent stabilized building. After performing due diligence and closing on the purchase, the firm was retained to litigate against several of the tenants. The client then employed Rosenberg & Estis to assist him in the purchase of The Pines, a resort located on Fire Island. This complex and heavily publicized transaction, which also involved the purchase of various business assets, was successfully completed in 2010. The client continues to employ the firm for various real estate matters, demonstrating how for EANYC members, business relationships often lead to other business relationships.

So far I have enjoyed meeting many successful, like-minded professionals that seem to be genuinely interested in helping each other succeed.

The Executives’ Association of New York City has helped grow my business exponentially. The members are hardworking, business owners who support one another with the shared goal of growing each others business.

EANYC membership has opened up a whole new world to me. I joined for the networking opportunities, and I got so much more – solid business referrals from a wonderful community of business people who help each other be successful.

Joining EA is a process that speaks to their selectivity, ensuring that you are working with a strong group of professionals in mature businesses. Upon finally being accepted, and in only a few months, I have been given opportunities for sizable contracts. The members are genuine and work with you in good faith, which has tremendous value for an entrepreneur.

As an active member of EANYC, I have had the advantage of being able to utilize numerous companies that are on the membership roster to aid in the selling and buying process of Manhattan real estate. Our customers have come to appreciate our added network of these quality vendors we’ve recommended through the years.

A member asked our firm to analyze the group's medical plan. I introduced a separate insurer for the hourly population and a much more efficient prescription drug plan for the owner/management segment. This saved the firm well into 5 figures annually and earned me a long term client (they're now adding a voluntary insurance program) and a strong spokesperson from The Association. This process of continual learning and exploring our respective businesses make us more attuned to doing direct business and to referring prospects from our many spheres of influence. Optimally, we serve as extended sales forces for each other and strongly "stand by" each other as references.